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A large clinical trial exploring new treatments for breast cancer

Positive sentinel node: adjuvant therapy alone versus adjuvant therapy plus clearance or axillary radiotherapy

Trial management group

The management of this study is the responsibility of the following people:

  • Amit Goyal, Royal Derby Hospital (Chief investigator)
  • Alastair Thompson, Houston (Chair)
  • Malcolm W Reed, University of Sheffield
  • Lelia Duley, Nottingham
  • David Dodwell, Leeds
  • Robert E Coleman, Sheffield
  • Lesley Fallowfield, University of Sussex
  • David Whynes, Nottingham
  • Robert G Newcombe, Cardiff University (Statistician)
  • Valerie Jenkins, University of Sussex
  • Apostolos Fakis, Royal Derby Hospital (Statistician)
  • Diane Whitham, Nottingham
  • Vaughan Keeley, Derby
  • Ian Ellis, Nottingham
  • Kathryn Monson, University of Sussex
  • Shabina Sadiq, Nottingham (Trial manager)
  • Daniel Megias, Northwood (NCRI RTTQA representative)
  • Patricia Fairbrother, Derby (Patient representative)

Trial steering committee

The trial steering committee will oversee the study. They are an independant group meeting regularly to agree the original trial protocol. They will approve any changes over the duration of the study depending on feasibility and practicability. A full overview of the trial steering committee is available in the protocol pdf.

  • Peter Barrett-Lee, Cardiff
  • Alistair Ring, London
  • Nisha Sharma, Leeds
  • Ian White, Cambridge
  • April Matthews, London (Patient representative)
  • Julie Wolfarth, Edenham (Patient representative)
  • Shabina Sadiq, Nottingham (Trial manager)
  • Ramsey Cutress, Southampton (Observer)
  • Teresa Grieve, Derby (Observer, Sponsor representative)
  • Richard Donnelly, Derby (Observer, Sponsor representative)

Data monitoring committee

Data monitoring is important to keeping track of the data gathered from patients and doctors. The data monitoring committee will oversee safety issues. The committee will advise trial management and steering committee if they have any concerns how the study is being conducted.

  • Judith Bliss, Sutton (Chair)
  • Peter Dubsky, Vienna
  • Daniel Rea, Birmingham
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